Karl Croskey




Hello friends,

A little about me, I have been able to serve God in many ways.


Some of the things Iv’e done:


Owner/Operator of a Security and Detective Agency.

        Missionary for 10 years helping needy families with food and clothing.

        Foster Care for 12 years.

          Worked for a Foster Care Agency 10 years.

          Adopted 4 special needs children.

          Worked at a Children’s Residential Center 11 years.

          Transitions Counsellor for A Mens Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center.




By doing those jobs I have not built much of a retirement. Although I do have a long term retirement that is



Now that I am getting close to that age I know it is time for me to consider making a little extra money for that time in my life. I have spent some time online trying to earn an income but let’s be honest - only around 95% actually make it.   I have been looking for something that is honest and is NOT a Scam, in order for me to promote it.

What Iv’e learned in life is that nothing happens over night, things take time. After meeting my Friends Onatarian Hawkins and Amanda Wray, I knew it was time to take action. Ontarian and Amanda have been doing this for a long time, but before I did anything with them I watched them for about a year.  You will see their story later.







Now about you..

Where are you in life?

What are your goals?

How does your retirement fund look?

Are you struggling from pay to pay?

How can you make a difference in your life, and help others at the same time?





Isn’t it time for you to take action and make that change in your Life?

I urge you not to put it off any longer!

Do it now while you are ready!





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